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Making Romance a Gastronomical Delight

Food and Drinks for Sensual Pleasure

Making Romance a Gastronomical DelightTaste is one of the least used senses when two persons are romancing each other or making love. But don’t you think that’s a great pity? Taste, after all, is just as powerful as your other senses. And now, the time has come to involve your taste buds in your game play. Listed below are the top choices of foods and drinks for couples who wish for a splendidly different taste of love, sex, and magic.


The choice is yours. Even something as common as beer would work if you or your partner absolutely love its taste! The trick here is to combine your favorite poison with the taste of your partner’s body. Pour wine or champagne all over your partner’s body then lick him or her dry.

Place a couple of iced cubes on your partner’s stomach for a bit of temperature play. Then pour your favorite hard drink and you’ve got Scotch on the rocks!


It’s sweet, succulent, and there’s just so many ways you can tease and seduce your partner when feeding on strawberries. And when mixed with champagnes, they become an even more potent combination!


Unlike strawberries, grapes are more of the type of food that’s meant to feed someone else than taking in pleasure to feed yourself. Grapes are food for the gods and kings and old artworks and classic stories often featured kings and queens pampered with slaves feeding grapes directly into their mouths.

That’s why if you like to pamper your partner tonight and make him or her feel like royalty, you can start by feeding them grapes, one by one, with the most luscious of your kisses in between.


It can be chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Whichever flavor it comes, syrup is most effective during lovemaking because of its stickiness. Yes, it’s messy but think of the joy you and your partner would have as you work on cleaning each other’s bodies up. If you’ve missed a spot, that’s not any trouble at all, is it? And while you’re at it, maybe it would be a good idea to double check your partner from head to toe and make sure his or her body is completely syrup-free.

But if you want to cheat, you can always add back more syrup to the game and start all over again.


You’ll have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t love chocolates. There’s just something about their flavor and texture that makes you feel heady and emboldened, ready to take the greatest of risks all for the sake of hedonistic pleasure.

Chocolate is not good for the main course or dessert alone. It can even be an appetizer, too, a perfect instrument for foreplay. Take one small bite of your chocolate at a time. Make love to the melting chocolate in your mouth the way you would kiss and play with your partner. It’s one way of telling your partner what he or she can anticipate later on.

If your partner, however, is a chocolate connoisseur, you might want to buy the more expensive ones for your bed play. There is a huge difference between expensive and cheap chocolates and just one bite – sometimes even a whiff of its scent would do – would tell your partner more than any words can say that you’ve skimped on the chocolates.

Whipped Cream

Surely you’ve seen how this works. Whipped cream is, in fact, one of the most heavily used product in movies and books that feature sensual scenes. You spread or spray it on your partner’s most intimate parts and slowly – very, very slowly – lick it clean.

You can even turn it into a contest of sorts by covering each other with whipped cream and see who can clean the other first.


These delicious fruits are used to top ice creams, cakes, and other desserts – a crown for culinary or pastry works of art and it can definitely serve the same purpose when you use it in lovemaking. Let your imagination run free. Where do you think is the best place in your body to put a cherry on?


The nicest thing about mangos is that they’re fairly easy to peel and they’re very, very juicy. As you share mangoes with each other, some of its dew is sure to slip further and further down…isn’t it your spouse’s job to follow the dewy trail so that it won’t make a mess? Oh, and don’t forget to have your fingers licked clean, too!


It may seem too heavy to serve simply as an enhancement for sex, but don’t worry it really does the trick. Share a forkful of your pasta with your partner. Sooner or later, you’ll find that you’re eating the same strand and as you continue chewing, the shorter the strand gets until your mouths finally meet…you get the picture, don’t you?


Technically, aphrodisiacs are rarely consumed in the bedroom. But they’re still vital to your sex life because they give you and your spouse the stamina to last all night long and possibly experience the most explosive orgasms in your life.

Aphrodisiacs are also better than other medicated products because they’re entirely natural and more easily purchased. Oysters and artichokes are just some of the better known types of aphrodisiacs, but if you prefer something else, a little research is sure to help you find something that are more suitable for your palate.

Edible Baskets

Last but not the least, we have edible baskets. These tastefully packaged creations assemble the very best edible sensual products out there to add an exotic twist to your sex life. They’re special and unique – certainly not the kind you see sold in grocery stores.

Edible baskets can include just about anything, from edible massage oils to edible lingerie like panties and bras that your wife can wear.

If you have a special occasion coming up, celebrating the day with an edible basket is one way to show your utmost delight in having your partner as your husband or wife.

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