The male erection is the most important thing on planet earth, well that is according to man. Women always think with their cocks and not their brains, well that may be true, but as any guy will tell you the depth of feeling which comes across a man whilst jerking his monster is hard to describe. The feeling just before shooting the load is pure heaven, if only it can be bottled.

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring just attaches to the waiting penis, and at this point it is far better to have the penis placid in order to get it through the hole. If you are struggling to get it through, and that is probably unlikely as the hole is big enough, not if you are made like an elephant or you are already erect. Well guys, perhaps you should throw some lube on the member and help glide it through the ring.

There are several versions of the Screaming O Vibrating Ring, so you just have to decide the product that best suits you and your awaiting cock. Some will allow you to pass your ball sac through too, whilst others will just allow the shaft itself to be grasped and used. But whatever cock ring you decide to choose, just ensure you are prepared to send the sperm flying high.

Vibrating the penis shaft is like having another hand on the shaft. Feeling the pulses and vibrations shooting back and forth from the Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring is guaranteed to assist the penis into thinking that there may be a stranger or third party influence in motivating the penis back and forth.

Some of the Screaming O Vibrating Ring items have adjustable vibration control that can bring the penis to the point of orgasm and bring it back again. If you like the high vibrating, well that’s cool. Just take your hands away and see the shaft shake and dance from the vibrations. Try and see if you can spurt that load without using the hands. Whatever you decide, just ensure those final moments prior to the orgasm. Wait an hour and try it again and again.

“I prefer the simple products that help and asset. I love to enjoy a cock ring that secures me and hugs the penis. Personally I enjoy light background vibrations against my manhood. I find the heavier vibrations tend to take my mind off the masturbation and gets in my way. The Screaming Vibrating Ring really suits my need period.” Todd N, Montreal, Canada.

“My wife loves watching me use this perfect toy, she finds it great when I take my hands off and the vibrations take over the massage and titillation of masturbation. But when she sees I am near to orgasm she will suck my cock head and help suck that man juice out of my system. Bless her I love her.” Johnny H, Hawaii USA.

“I love the way you can adjust the levels. That really gets me off” Mhat I,Hue Hin, Thailand.
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Screaming O Vibrating Ring
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