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This website is a free masturbation and sex toys resource for men. It contains masturbation tips, information, jerking off techniques, pictures, stories and male sex toys reviews. This site is NOT designed for young students. This website is intended solely for viewing by an adult audience. If you are under 18 years old (21 years old in some states) and you are not being supervised by a parent we ask you to leave the website. Please do.

Male Sex Toys - BEST SELLERS

Autoblow 2 Gold Medal

The Autoblow 2 Blowjob Machine - Get Sucked Now For Only $139

Blowjob Machine

If you’re getting all the blowjobs you can handle, you are one of the lucky few! Most guys just don’t get enough. That’s exactly why the Autoblow 2 was invented. It’s a fully automatic hands free blowjob machine that will give you no questions asked deep throat blowjobs when you want, and for as long as you want. You don’t have to earn it, you don’t have to beg for it, you just sit back, lube up, slide in and switch on. The Autoblow 2’s multi-speed controller blows you as slow or as fast as you want to go. This top selling male masturbator never gets bored or tired or talks to its friends for hours on the phone. It just keeps riding up and down the full length of your cock with longing, hungry strokes. Two rows of motorized beads create a mind blowing sucking motion. The Autoblow 2 is equipped with interchangeable sleeves, coming in different sizes for smaller, average and bigger guys and each of them are reusable for a lifetime of high quality head. Buy more and get a big discount. Life’s too short to suck. Let the Autoblow 2 do it.

Pricing - The Autoblow 2 is the first blowjob machine in the world that retails at $139

How to get 50% off your order - Pick your sleeve size and upon checkout enter the discount code the website will provide - Promotion ends on .

Autoblow 2 Shop

Fleshlight Silver Medal

The Fleshlight Fake Pussy - You Can't Buy A Better Orgasm!

Fake Pussy

The Fleshlight is to fucking what the Autoblow 2 is to sucking! The Fleshlight is fake pussy at its wad blowing best. The patented Real Feel Super Skin sleeves provide an awesome choice of beads, nubs, air suction chambers and super tight ribbed tunnels. The way these sleeves get to work sliding deliciously up and down on your cock have made the Fleshlight the world’s most wanted sex toy for men. Guys love the Fleshlight because it’s a master of disguise. On the outside it’s just a flashlight, but open up this awesome male masturbator and you have the most realistic looking pussy, mouth or butt for you to lube up and start pumping. The Fleshlight isn’t just like the real thing it’s way more intense – and one thing’s for sure, you’ll experience orgasms like you’ve never had before. You can even build your own Fleshlight. Choose the canister color, the type of orifice and sleeve you desire and they send you the best masturbation toy of your wet dreams.

Pricing - The Fleshlight is a fake pussy that retails at $64.95

Get up to 25% off your entire order! The discount applies to most of the Fleshlight products. Promo available until .

Fleshlight Shop

Mangasm Bronze Medal

Mangasm - The Biggest And Best G-Spot Male Sex Toys Kit

Prostate Massagers

As more and more guys are discovering, some of the best orgasms are to be had not from the penis, but inside the anus. Radical, but true. The male g-spot is tucked away two inches inside your anus towards the front. It’s a walnut shaped gland called the prostate which when gently stimulated can produce not just one orgasm but multiple orgasms that come in waves – now the kind of orgasms that women enjoy and feel superior about can also be enjoyed by men. How? It’s so simple with the Mangasm prostate massagers. Just lubricate yourself with a good quality anal lube, carefully insert the Mangasm and it will quickly locate your prostate. After that it does all the work for you. You’ll start to feel pleasurable muscle contractions with every slight shift of your body. After some practice you will start to experience mind blowing g-spot orgasms which come in waves. Mangasm; it’s the sexual equivalent of the high sky dive – you have to try it at least once in your lifetime because it is such an incredible rush.

Pricing - the price of this male g-spot toys ranges between $48 and $74

Use the coupon code the website will provide to save up to 50% on all purchases above 75$ - Promo ends on .

Mangasm Shop

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Fangtasmic Brides

Vampire Brides Fake Pussy toys - F**king Fangtasmic!

Pocket Pussy

Having your evil way with a horny Vampire Bride is many a guys favorite fantasy, and now it’s an even better reality. Fangtasmic Virgin Brides are the best bits of Vampire Brides transformed into living Phantom Flesh ready for you to enjoy any time the urge takes you. If you are familiar with the awesome Fleshlight range of toys, you’ll know just what to do with these wicked beauties. Whether you lust for Vampire Brides Virgin Pussy, Wicked Lips or Innocent Ass you simply lube up, plunge inside and tighten the cap to increase or decrease the intensity of the sucking sensation as you pump away. These incredible male sex toys from Transylvania suck you so good you’ll wish you were immortal. And the multi-speed remote controller adds a powerful vibe which you can control at the press of a button. The Vampire Brides sex toys are all fully washable and rinse out quickly ready for you to go again and again. So whether you want to get sucked or stick your thick stake deep into a Vampire Bride, Fangtasmic has just the toy for you.

Pricing - The Fangtasmic Brides: Wicked Lips, Virgin Pussy and Innocent Ass retail at $64.95

Get a 20% off discount on your order by using the Cupon Code: JO20. This great promotion is available until .

Fangtasmic Shop

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Male Masturbation Techniques

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Wiki Articles

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Blowjob machines are some of the most common types of male sex toys on the market. They are essentially the analogue to the dildos and vibrators that you can find in most women’s ...
Exploring anal mens sex toys
Until recently, there hasn’t been a lot of interest in anal mens sex toys. That’s all starting to change as guys are starting to expand the horizons of what they’re ...
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Spice up your sex life with sex toys for men
Finally the market has opened for men, and sex toys have been made or adapted for men. For example today you can find anal beads that are specially designed for men ...

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This is the website for all you need to know about Mrs Palmer and her five horny daughters, written by people who wasted their youth dancing the Pamela Anderson polka and who know all the dance steps.

We’ve got reviews of all the best male sex toys with which to polish the microphone, and we are going to feature loads of new articles and stories which will inform, entertain, titillate, educate and illuminate on what fun it is to masturbate.

Here you will find step by step photographic techniques to show you exactly how to start shooting like you’re in a Sam Peckinpah movie. If you don’t know what a Sam Peckinpah movie is like, think of big guns shooting big holes in anything that gets in the way, usually people.

Now we’re not saying you’re going to go out and start shooting people because that’s not nice, but you will definitely be firing heavy rounds from the pump action trouser rifle, and, as you know, that can be very, very nice.

Think of jerking-off.org as your guilty pleasure; a place to adore and be adored all by yourself. It’s your own personal shaking the sausage sin bin where you can learn to become not just a half-way wanker, but a complete all the way tosser.

Here is where you learn to stop wishing your life away and start fantasising. We mean really fantasising with proper focus and precision, without letting your big date with Rosie Purplehead be ruined by thoughts of your mum, your dad, your rent, your overdue essay or your girlfriend, who is acting kind of strange and has been seen at least twice talking to friends and gone all quiet when you approach.

So without further ado, why not browse around, relax and start smacking the weasel.

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