#40 Mangasm Edge

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Best Male Sex Toy
  • Autoblow A.I.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 100% Silicone Sleeves
  • Sleeves Can Be Changed
  • Great Beginner’s Toy
  • Hand Free
  • Easy To Clean
Best Male Masturbator
  • Kiiroo Onyx 2
  • Hands Free
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Sliding Scale Of Speed
  • Sleeves can be changed
  • Elegant And Discreet
  • Easy To Clean
Best Blow Job Machine
  • Autoblow 2+ XT
  • 100% Hands Free
  • No Batteries Needed
  • Industrial Strength Motor
  • Interchangeable Sleeves
  • Realistic Artificial Skin Material
  • Sleeves Are Easy To Clean

Slide the Mangasm Edge inside and get ready to feel the rush. The Mangasm Edge is sure to bring you to an incredible orgasm, massaging both your prostate, and your balls with its intense vibrating power.

This male G-spot stimulator massages your prostate in an incredibly intense way – it features the strongest, most intense vibration of all of our prostate massage toys. This toy also features a perineum stimulation tab, which ensures that your prostate receives the most stimulation possible – feel the thrill as your prostate is stimulated, and the C-shaped tab zeroes in on your taint.

Ergonomically shaped and designed, this anal vibrator has been designed to be thick and long enough to deliver nothing but pure pleasure from your prostate. Slightly bulbous at the tip, the head of the toy has been designed to reach and stimulate not only your prostate directly, but also the area and glands surrounding the area, for an intense massage. This toy is made of a hard, stiff plastic, which easily glides inside, is easy to lube up with, clean up, and feels great. It’s the ultimate prostate toy for any man looking for some anal fun, whether you’re looking to venture into anal toys for the first time, or have been for years. Even better? Pairing the Mangasm Edge with one of our Autoblow toys, or a Fleshlight, for whole-body stimulation that is sure to rock your world.

Mangasm Edge



Easiness of cleaning:


Kick up the prostate-targeting pleasure you feel by turning on and up the vibrations – there’s a single bullet in the middle of the toy’s shaft, leading to pure intensity throughout the entire toy. You can feel the vibrations make their way throughout the toy, making their way down to your balls and perineum. The remote control allows you to have free range of choosing your various speeds – or, you can put your partner in the hot seat – you can choose from any intensity or vibration speed, whatever thrills you the most. This toy allows for solo or partnered up fun – the most dynamite, intense masturbation or partner pleasure you’ve no doubt ever felt.

Just like with any other anal toy, make sure that you use plenty of water-based lube with the Mangasm Edge – you’ll want to make sure that you get the best anal penetration experience possible, and that you experience no discomfort. The rectum doesn’t produce any kind of natural lubrication, and ID Glide Lube helps you work in this male G-spot stimulator with ease, making for easy anal penetration.

The Mangasm Edge is also extremely easy to clean up – simply get a small hand towel, make it damp with hot water, and a small amount of disinfecting, bacteria-fighting dish soap. Pat it dry with a cloth, and even dust some cornstarch over it to keep it fresh and clean. Or, simply use a condom over the male G-spot stimulator to make cleanup even easier.

The Mangasm Edge is made to deliver pure pleasure throughout your body, and to stimulate your prostate.

Customers Opinion/Feedbacks

“I’ve used other Mangasm toys in the past, but nothing is like this one. I loved the separate remote control to control vibrations and the intensity of them.”Andy L., Virginia Beach, VI

“At first I thought this was a little too small, and that the head wasn’t big enough, but it’s just enough.”Chris M., Pendleton, OR

“I like that this is great for beginners and more experienced prostate toy users.”Kevin T., Cheyenne, WY

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