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Male toys at the partyI went to this party where a woman brought out some male toys and told all the guys that they were going to put on a show. I was really nervous because I didn’t even know most of these guys. There were a couple of other weird things going on that night, too. At most parties there is one or two hot chicks and the rest are average. At this one all of the women were very beautiful.

I had no idea that we were going to have to fuck a rubber toy like the Autoblow 2. There was a woman paired up with every guy and they were flirting with us all night. The strangest thing is that none of us were anything more than average guys. None of us were in good shape and I wouldn’t even say that any of us looked very handsome. We were just average guys who thought we were going to a party for some drinks. Sure, we all hoped we would get some snatch, but who knew it would end up like this?

The male toys they got out were all fleshlight products. I am not sure which exact model it was, but I think I heard one of the women mention the STU. Well, they pulled our pants down and started stroking our shafts with the toys. It was pretty awkward being lined up with all the other guys like that, but the brunette that was working my pole was hot and I quickly forgot that there was anyone in the room but me.

Those of us who came too quickly got sent home. They were given the fleshlight as a consolation prize, I guess. The rest of us, those who had lasted long enough, were invited to stay. As soon as the last guy finished up all of the women took off their clothes and started playing with each other. It didn’t take too long for the rest of us to pop wood and get ready for some action. At this point there were three girls for every guy. Every one of these women was smoking hot.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had no idea that I was going to go to a party and get my meat stroked in a fake pussy by a hot woman. I certainly didn’t expect to be involved in an orgy where the women out numbered the guys three to one. I am not complaining, though. It was one of the best nights of my life. Whenever I am alone and horny and I find that I need to masturbate I get the fleshlight that they gave me and I relive that night. I sure am glad I had this experience with male toys.

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Hi, I’m Joseph O’Connor. I am a twenty-six year old man from Texas, USA. I fell into writing about sex toys when I was looking for a way to both try new things and explore my body… Things progressed rapidly. It turns out there aren’t many (straight) men that can talk about sex the way I do without getting downright ridiculous. I’m always reading more/learning about the human body and sexual response and always looking for ways to improve my sex life (and that of those I come in contact with)

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