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Sex toys aren’t just for women anymore

Sex toys aren’t just for women anymoreThankfully, sex toys are no longer just popular for women. For many years the selection that was available for women was far more extensive than the selection for men, but things are slowly changing. You may even be shocked to learn more about the variety of male toys now available. From masturbation sleeves to prostate massagers, we’ve got all the information you need to select a toy that’s right for you.

Types and styles of toys for men

Depending on what type of pleasure you’re looking for, there’s definitely a toy that’s going to make you smile. Here, we’ll go through some of the main toys available.

The masturbation sleeve. This is one of the most well-known toys for men, and the most popular brand name is the Fleshlight. These sleeves are made of a life-like material that feels amazing on your most sensitive member. With a plastic tube-like exterior, the soft and squishy inside material makes for a tight and pleasureful experience. You can choose the entrance hole of the sleeve to be a mouth, pussy or anus, and the internal ribbing design can even be modeled after one of your favorite porn stars. Then you just insert your penis, and use your hand to pump the sleeve up and down the shaft creating an incredible sensation.

The Autoblow. An incredibly unique male sex toy, it is designed to mimic the feeling of a real blowjob. Insert your lubricated penis into the tube, and use the wired controller to control the movements inside the tube. Located behind a soft sleeve are several small massage balls that rotate up and down the shaft creating a sensation similar to that of receiving a real blowjob, but without the hassle of taking a girl out to dinner or remembering her birthday. You don’t even have to move your hand. Just sit back and relax and control your pleasure via the remote. What could get better than that!?

Prostate massagers. Increasing in popularity, prostate massagers are designed to do just what they sound like – massage the prostate. What many men are unaware of is that similar to how women have a G-spot, men have a P-spot (the prostate gland) – located just inside the entrance to their anus. Stimulating this area during masturbation or even during sex can lead to longer, more intense orgasms. Typically shaped like a “T”, the long end is inserted in the anus, putting pressure on the prostate. If used during solo play, the man can rock back and forth while sitting upright to massage the area, while masturbating himself at the same time. When using these toys, many men report having the best climax they’ve ever experienced.

Realistic vaginas. Made to look and feel like a real woman’s vagina, these toys add an extra element to solo play by allowing the user to fully thrust into something, as they would do when having sex with a partner. With both vaginal and anal entry options, you’re sure to enjoy what these pussies have to offer. Check out for a variety of fake pussies to choose from.

Pocket pussies. This is like the bullet vibrator for men. Much smaller than the Fleshlight, these toys can fit in the palm of your hand for easy travel and convenience whenever you need to get yourself off. Keep one in the glove box, your briefcase or your gym bag for easy and fun play whenever you need it. Just lube up and pump the toy up and down your shaft for a simple and feel-good way to get off.

So as you can see, the options vary widely and there’s sure to be something out there to make your solo-sessions even better. But don’t stop there – bring the toys into the bedroom and have your partner use them on you to spice up your sex life.

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