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How to be more attractive

How to be more attractiveOf course your physical appearance is important in terms of overall attractiveness.

Men who are physically fit are perceived as being more attractive than men who are not. Also, anyone, regardless of gender, exude more confidence when they are physically fit.

The way in which you dress also adds to your sex appeal. You don’t have to dress up in a suit and tie at all. It’s more important that you find a style that is unique and fits your personality. It is more about how you wear the clothes. The way you wear your clothes says a lot about your sense of style and also about your confidence.
Have we mentioned confidence enough?

Nonphysical aspects of attractiveness

Okay money may be a factor. Money is just sexy. But if you are interested in a woman being attracted to you for who you are, then having a lot of money won’t be enough.

Let’s face it-women love to talk. Women are socialized to talk a lot to one another. It’s the foundation of intimacy. So, learning the art of conversation is super attractive to women. The art involves knowing when to listen, when to talk, and what to talk about. Good storytelling abilities are a plus.

You can get a lot of practice by striking up conversations with people that you encounter in your everyday activities. You never know who you’re talking to. You may end up meeting a fabulous woman.

Learn how to be friends with women without expecting it to necessarily lead to sex. Just enjoy being with women and having fun. [We know-that’s a challenging one]

Hone your sense of humor. This doesn’t mean that you go to the local bookstore and buy the latest version of 1001 Dirty Jokes Guaranteed to Make Your Friends Spit Their Beer Back Out! Instead be a keen observer of other men who women seem to find funny.

Being active and trying new things is a plus. Women like men who seem to be open to trying new things. Make it a point to try new restaurants and museums in your area. You’ll be more interesting to talk to because you’ll always have something to share. You’ll also seem sophisticated.

Live an interesting life. Find something that you are passionate about-traveling, reading, etc. Explore your true purpose for being here on the planet. Enroll in a yoga or meditation class. Women find this type of existential quest very sexy. She’ll be drawn to your passionate energy.

It’s also important to be authentic. This is pretty simple. Be honest and don’t ever pretend to be someone that you are not. If you are shy talking to women, don’t pretend that you aren’t. You still need to practice, just be honest and let the woman know that you are a bit shy. She may even be charmed by this. One thing is for sure-if you pretend to be someone you are not, a woman will see right through that.

Last but not least-your home. If you have implemented all of the suggestions in this article, you will definitely be bringing some lucky lady to your place of residence. So keep your house or apartment neat and organized. Even if your entire house is decorated with furnishing from that large affordable warehouse, it can still be appealing to the eye. Women are especially sensitive to sensual experiences. So pay particular attention to the lighting, colors, smells and sounds in your home.

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