Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review

Editor’s Pick 39 year old Lisa Ann is the star of the controversial porn movie ‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’ produced by Larry Flynt’s Hustler. It’s a parody...

Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Stoya Review

Editor’s Pick Stoya Fleshlight is based on the porn star known simply as Stoya Stoya was born in June 1986 to a Serbian father and a Scottish mother...

Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Combos

Editor’s Pick If you want to save money on Fleshlight products the best place to look is on the store itself, because the site regularly – and in fact...

Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Original Review

Editor’s Pick On the outside it’s just an ordinary flashlight but open it up and inside is a soft and inviting pussy sleeve just waiting to be discovered...

Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Ice Review

Editor’s Pick Despite the name, the Ice masturbator is not about slipping your dick into the ice chest and letting it freeze solid. Frostbite on your...

Fleshlight Suite

Fleshlight Blade Review

Editor’s Pick The Fleshlight is so obvious an idea, so perfectly suited to the task of delivering a thumping good orgasm in record time that you could...

Fleshlight Suite

Tantus C-sling Review

Editor’s Pick Watch this video on YouTube With the clever Tantus C-sling you can really enjoy the perfect cock ring, but it also come with added value...

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