FleshlightThe Fleshlight is probably one of the best known male masturbation toys on the market today. The outside of the toy looks remarkably like a flashlight, but the inside is a whole different story. A material that feels remarkably soft and smooth like a young woman’s vagina, has been sculpted to look like the entry point of your choice – vagina, anus or mouth.

Not only do you get to choose your point of entry, you get to choose your woman too – Fleshlights have been modeled after some of the world’s sexiest women. For most guys, you’ll never get closer to such a hot woman.


  • Tight fit, and ribbed for pleasure
  • Good quality materials, should last for a long time
  • Many different varieties to choose from


  • Kids are attracted to large flashlights, so be careful where you hide it
  • Doesn’t feel as realistic as the website suggests

Best Use: The Fleshlight has tried hard to feel as realistic as possible, but let’s face it – nothing is quite like the real deal. Instead of thinking of this as a complete alternative to sex, think of it as a nice upgrade from using your hand. It also makes a great stamina enhancer.

Because the Fleshlight is molded to fit tightly around your penis, with many ribs for pleasure, it’s not uncommon to blow your load in only a few minutes. But the more you practice, the longer you last. If you can last 10 minutes with the Fleshlight, you could last 20 with a real woman.

Material / Texture: The actual Fleshlight material is a company secret protected by US patents, but whatever it is, it’s soft and smooth – probably the closest you could get to the feel of real flesh. The outer container is made of plastic in various colors that you can choose when purchasing.

Price: Starting as low as $107.95

Design / Shape / Size: The Fleshlight is 10 inches in length and 4 inches in Diameter, made to fit the majority of penis sizes. The Fleshlight comes in a variety of colored cases and different ribbings internally – their website offers a ‘make your own’ section so you get exactly what you want.

Functions / Performance / Controls: The Fleshlight is controlled directly by you – no batteries or fancy buttons to add confusion, just plain pleasure. It is best to warm the internal piece in a bath of warm water before using and be liberal with a water-based lubricant to get the most out of your session.

Care & Maintenance: Due to the unique nature of the flesh-like material, use only water to clean the Fleshlight. If more serious cleaning is needed, use a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Once it is washed a completely dry, sprinkle it with corn starch (NO talcum or baby powder) to give it that super soft feel again.

Everything you need to know about the Fleshlight
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