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What is a fetish?

What is a fetish?According to the clinical definition of a fetish, it is a specific type of paraphilia in which an individual has an intense desire or need for some inanimate object or body part that isn’t typically associated with sexual arousal to be present in order for arousal and/or orgasm to occur.

In lay terms, a “fetish” isn’t something that interferes with “normal” sexual functioning. It’s more of an intense attraction to some kind of inanimate object, body part, or situation that when present serves as a real sexual turn on. But while it may increase sexual arousal substantially, it isn’t necessarily something that is required for sexual arousal to occur or to be sustained.

As with men, we know that every woman is unique. What is a turn on for one woman may not be for another one. Still there are some fetishes that are common to a lot of women. Let’s explore some of them-in no particular order.

Body piercings and tattoos

The pain of one individual is the pleasure of ten others. The experience of pain is a really subjective. What is extremely painful to one individual may be intensely pleasurable to someone else. There seems to be something about surviving the sear of a metal with ink tearing into one’s flesh that’s just a natural turn on. Almost every woman who gets a tattoo or body piercing is ready to get another one instantly.

Body piercings and tattoos represent for many women a sense of power and dominance.


The need for dominance can emanate from a variety of situations. So a woman doesn’t have to have a tattoo in order to feel a sense of dominance. Many women are highly aroused sexually by having dominance over men. Some women enjoy feminizing men who are willing participants. Over women enjoy making men do things like worship their feet by washing, kissing, licking, and sucking their toes. Fortunately for them, many men are happy to oblige. Interestingly, this type of energy exchange can increase feelings of nonsexual intimacy as well.

Feet and shoes

So, it comes as no surprise that many females have foot fetishes. In addition to being seriously turned on by foot worship, many women also have a shoe fetish. This may be true even if the woman isn’t obsessed with buying stilettos.

Many women enjoy the feel of certain fabric or materials on their feet. Leather and other animal skins are definitely a favorite for females. Have you ever purchased a pair of leather pumps or boots for a female lover? If so, you know the deal.


Oh yes-leather. It isn’t just leather footwear that gets women turned on. It’s all things leather. The feel, smell, and sound of leather when it is being worn are powerfully arousing to many women.

Where can you meet women and other individuals who share fetishes?

Not everyone understands and appreciates sexual expression that blurs an imaginary boundary of what is considered “normal.” However, there are communities of like-minded sex positive individuals. One place to find a sense of community is through the National Leather Association

The National Leather Association is a national organization of leather / BDSM / fetish communities who engage in “safe, sane, and consensual” play. They also advocate for sexual minorities and actively promote awareness of important causes such as domestic violence. There are local chapters in cities and towns throughout the United States.

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