Penis Pumps

Great Penis Pumps to Get Your Game On

Penis pumps are great sex toys and erection enhancers to have better sexual pleasure in solo masturbation or even with a partner. It momentarily makes the penis larger and harder through a non surgical, advanced mechanism that has been proven and tested to get your game on every time.

How a Penis Pump Works

Great Penis Pumps to Get Your Game OnA Penis pump is commonly composed of a cylinder tube which is where you slide in your shaft, a gauge that measures your progress and a pump that allows you to control how much pressure and pleasure you want in your sexual escapade. As you slide in your shaft and starts the pressure, it stimulates blood flow to your penis, stretching its skin and tissues to get a full erection and the best sexual explosion. Also this is also an advisable tool for individuals who are having erection troubles as it can really give you the erection you want for a great sexual experience.

The Best Penis Pumps Available Today

There are many penis pumps available in the market today that you can choose from. It’s good to get to know what each has to offer so you can make the most out of it and get the best sex in each and every day of your life.

Top Gauge Professional Pump

This type of Penis pump intensifies your sexual pleasure with its frosted see through PVC tubes that allows you and your partner to see how your erection increases that ignites your sensual passion with your partner or solo masturbation.  Just slide in your shaft into the durable and tapered 7.5″ x 2.5″ cylinder chamber and pump it up with an easy grip pistol type handle, a high grade pressure gauge and watch as you get better and bigger erection for a satisfying pumping sensation.

Pro-Xzek Supreme Vacuum Pump Kit

Another popular penis pump that you can also avail is the Pro-Xzek Supreme Vacuum Pump. This sex toy even comes with a bag for your traveling convenience so you or with your partner can benefit from it anywhere, anytime. It also comes with a cock ring to keep your erection longer for more sensual pleasure for you or with your partner.  Just slide in your shaft in its PVC tubes that also has vacuum safety release and soft rubber donuts seal and then pump it up to your likings and get superior sexual satisfaction.

Hard Man’s Tool Kit

The Hard Man’s Tool Kit is also an excellent choice as your penis pump because it also comes with 2 black silicone cock rings, vibrating butt plug, vibrating masturbation sleeves and a 5 speed power pack for your ultimate sexual contentment.

The Penis pump gives you bigger and stronger erection and then slide on the cock rings to keep your penis hard for a longer amount of time. The vibrating butt plug can then be used for an impressive anal stimulation as it comes with a variety of 5 vibration speeds that even has a suction base that allows you to enjoy it even on solo masturbation.  Followed by the vibrating masturbation sleeves, that will give you the enjoyment of an incredible release of orgasm. And lastly, the 5 power pack that can be easily plugged in with any vibrating tool for your mild to intense sexual satisfaction.

Xtender II Glow-in-the-Dark Penis Pump

This is another impressive penis pump sex toy as you don’t only get your pump bigger and better but also enjoy it for use even in the dark. This glow in the dark penis pump will give you the same sensual experience as every penis pump and the thrill of even seeing it in the dark while watching your favorite porn DVD. Just set it near your lamp or any light source before using it to take pleasure in its glow in the dark feature and maximize your sexual pleasure.

As you use these pleasurable penis pump sex toys, always remember to never go more than 15 minutes especially at high volume. It is also advised that you use as much lubricant inside the tube and around the penis for a tighter seal and ensure better suction and maximize your sensual pleasure.

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