While every single one of the male masturbators you will look at is designed to give you an orgasm, some are a bit better than the others. If you haven’t had the time to really look around at all of the options that are available to you then you might be overlooking a few of the options that could really help you out. So let’s talk about the best toys for guys who love to bust.

The first of these is the amazing and futuristic robotic blow job machine. When you see this toy you are going to be very impressed. I never thought that I would see a toy that was designed to work like this. It mimics a real blow job and it feels just like a real blow job, too. The demo video on the site uses a transparent model, so you can actually see what it looks like when the toy is working. If you check it out you will be impressed.

The FleshlightThe next one that is perfect for guys who love to squeeze a load is the Fleshlight Vibro Touch. This was one of the best ideas that they ever came up with. Why should women get to have all of the fun with vibrators? When you get inside of this toy and it starts buzzing away you are going to be ready to cum, and when it keeps on buzzing during your orgasm you are going to be glad you gave it a try. It is probably the best fleshlight that I have ever seen.

My favorite toy, out of all the male masturbators that I own, is the Mangasm DSRV. This is a very realistic toy. It is designed to look and feel like the real thing. When you start using it you are going to have a hard time telling the difference. Your body will certainly be fooled. The final result is that you have this amazing orgasm that is better than actually cumming inside of a woman (because you don’t have to worry about STDs or pregnancy). There are certainly a lot of reasons to get this toy, but the orgasm is the best.

Look, I don’t care who you are, you need to try these toys. You can use the ultra realistic pussy for stamina training, too, and there are some articles on this site written about that, so check them out. The shipping is discreet when you buy from jerking-off.org, so that is where I recommend you go to check out all of these toys. They also make sure that the credit card statement doesn’t make it obvious that you bought a toy for your cock, which could be important if a woman is looking at the bill! Get these male masturbators and bust away!

Male masturbators for guys who love getting off
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