autoblow 2The Autoblow 2 costs a lot less than the average date and it is definitely going to suck you off. You can get one for less than a hundred bucks from You can also check out a demo video while you are there to see exactly how it works. Stick with this quick guide, though, and at the end you will find out how you can get a small discount on your purchase.

One of the best things about this machine is how it fits around your tool. You have to make sure that you order the right one, though, or it won’t fit. If you get one that is too small then it won’t fit at all. The bigger ones will fit too loosely. The end result is that you will have a toy that isn’t able to deliver the pleasure that it was designed for. So make sure that you are honest during the ordering process and that you give your real measurements (not the measurements your ego wants you to give).

When you get it you will be surprised. It doesn’t look like much, but if you have seen the demo video you will know what to expect. If you haven’t seen the video you will be very, very surprised when you get inside and turn it on. It really does feel like you have a mouth and tongue sliding up and down the length of your dick. Within a short period of time you are going to be at the brink of orgasm and unable to hold back.

The thing that makes the autoblow so powerful is the way it works. If a woman was able to find the perfect position for your cock with her mouth it would feel good. If she could find and maintain a rhythm for a few minutes you would be cumming very quickly. If she had the courtesy to let you finish in her mouth, she would be able to make you feel like you just met the perfect woman. The blowjob machine can do all of these things for you. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t have it any other way.

It really is sad that we have to buy a toy to get the perfect blow job, but after experiencing it for myself I don’t mind that one bit. One cool thing is that my wife hasn’t complained about giving me a blow job in months because I haven’t asked her for one! She hasn’t even asked me why I stopped asking her to suck my dick. She probably thinks that her poor attempts at sucking me off have finally granted her wishes. Well, if only she knew! She would probably be pissed that I have the autoblow, but I’m not giving it up for anything!

Don’t waste your cash – get an Autoblow 2
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