Men, Anal Toys Give You Intense Pleasure

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For men, anal toys are a becoming a more popular option for sex. It used to be that most straight guys were scared to death of trying anything involving their butts, but that stigma is starting to gradually fade and guys are becoming more open to trying new things. It’s a good thing, too, because anal pleasure can really be very intense for men. Anal toys such as prostate massagers can deliver some of the most powerful orgasms ever. However, there are many different options for anal toys for guys.

Before we talk about the specifics of anal toys, it’s important to understand how anal pleasure works for men. Anal toys aren’t necessarily about anal stimulation specifically. There are actually two parts that provide pleasure: the anus itself and the male prostate.

The anus is the hole itself, and whenever it is rubbed, stretched or flexed it results in a pleasurable sensation. The stretching of the anus is particularly pleasurable, so many toys focus on this aspect. For example, anal beads are designed to cause a very rapid flexing of the anal sphincter, causing “waves” of pleasure. These toys are especially potent when they are pulled out during orgasm due to this effect.

The prostate is a different thing entirely. The prostate is a gland that is located deep inside the body. It has nothing to do with the anus or rectum, but it can be most effectively stimulated through anal penetration. The prostate has a number of important sexual functions, such as producing seminal fluid. As such, stimulating it induces incredible pleasure and enhances orgasms. With regular stimulation, the prostate goes into a sort of heightened state where it has all kinds of positive sexual benefits.

For men anal sex toys will often provide stimulation to both areas. It’s just a question of which areas are targeted. For example, a standard anal dildo will focus mostly on anal stimulation. These toys don’t have the right shape to really reach the prostate, which is located along the lower rectal wall.

Toys like butt plugs and anal beads can be effective for both types of stimulation, since they are naturally wider. However, these toys are still more about stretching the anus than they are about massaging the prostate. For an effective prostate massage, you have to go with a toy that’s designed for the job. Prostate massage toys have a pronounced curve that is designed to target the prostate specifically. These toys will give you the most effective prostate massage, resulting in bigger orgasms and other sexual benefits. Intrigued?

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