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Top 10 Male Sex Toys in the world

#1 The Autoblow 2- FullFullFullFullFull

The Autoblow 2We guarantee you’ve never experienced better orgasms before! The Autoblow 2, the world’s most intense and realistic blowjob machine, is so great, you won’t be needing a girlfriend anymore! The vast majority of adult toys for men on the market have the same problem, they use batteries and they need your hands to work, which doesn’t feel realistic at all. The good thing about the Autoblow 2 is that it’s based on a completely new design that you’ve never seen or felt before: slick, futuristic and mind blowing. Using it is really simple: just plug it in, use lots of lubrication, insert and enjoy! ......

#2 The Autoblow - FullFullFullFullFull

The AutoblowThe Autoblow Blast lifts you into orbit with its technological breakthroughs in blowjob dynamics. It’s every guy’s right to enjoy a good blowjob, but the only problem is, a lot of women don’t seem to have been taught this in school. As you may have discovered, sometimes it’s harder to get blown than it is to get waiter service at McDonalds. The Autoblow is the world’s first fully automatic blowjob machine. By fully automatic, we mean you don’t have to laboriously hand crank it yourself to get a rousing climax. This is the blowjob of the future available in the present – or even as a present if you are lucky enough ......

#3 The Fleshlight - FullFullFullFullFull

The FleshlightThe Fleshlight is probably the most successful sex toy for men. It was developed by former SWAT officer Steven Shubin, when his wife was forbidden to have sex for the duration of her pregnancy. He began by developing a half torso of the female form, complete with a realistic pussy. He had already spent several hundred thousand dollars in production, when he offered to send one to a good friend of his who was a successful entrepreneur in his own right. He just wanted some product feedback. As it turned out, he got the feedback quicker than he bargained for. Shubin offered to ......

#4 Mangasm - FullFullFullfullfull

MangasmThe Mangasm range of anal sex toys is relatively new to the market, but with the formidable range of anal toys they offer, it’s not going to be long before a lot of guys are going to be starting to put probes where they have never put them before. The Mangasm range focuses on the male g-spot, known as the prostate and the perineum. The prostate is tucked away about two inches inside the anus towards the front. It’s a small walnut shaped gland packed with sensitive nerve endings. When ......

#5 Mastomatic 2 - FullFullFullFullhalf

Mastomatic 2The Mastomatic 2 is billed as perfect tool for the lazy masturbator. This is linked into the fact that it is battery operated and works hands free. In other words, you don’t have to pump yourself to a rousing orgasm, the machine does the job for you. Most men agree that a blowjob is one the most toe curling and sensuous of all sex acts, and is always near the top of the list of sexual favours. It’s one of life’s ironies that actually receiving a quality blowjob from a girlfriend or wife is very much a mood driven thing, and a lot of the time, the mood simply isn’t right. Many men go for ......

#6 Roto-Bator - FullFullFullFullempty

Roto-BatorAt first sight the Roto-bator looks like a harmless domestic power tool, or perhaps an electric egg beater, but it’s more, much more than that. If you’re into the ‘fluffer’ style of blowjob, where the tongue tickles your helmet in rapid succession, this is the toy for you. This ingenious wireless pleasure tool consists of a discreet, smooth base with 2 speeds of rotation and 2 of vibration, which are easily and independently controlled with sliders near the bottom of the base. At the top of the Roto-bator, there's an attachment for one of the two included heads; the ......

#7 Tenga Flip - FullFullFullFullempty

Tenga FlipMale masturbators, always among the best of male sex toys, have become a crowded and competitive arena, but in the battle for best male sex toy ever, the mighty Tenga Flip Hole would certainly be a very strong contender. The Tenga Flip Hole is made by Japanese company Tenga. Tenga became famous for a range of ‘onacups’ providing masturbatory sensations from a deep throat blowjob to full sex in cleverly designed masturbators designed to look like innocent male moisturizer or deodorant cans. Perhaps due to a Japanese obsession with ......

#8 Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Pussy & Ass - FullFullFullFullempty

Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Vibrating Pussy & AssNo doubt about it, Sasha Grey is one of the hottest new properties in porn. She saved $6000 by waiting tables in a Northern California steak bar and travelled down to Los Angeles having just turned 18 to enter the world of porn. After just one year in the business she received AVN Awards for her work in a string of porn movies and is widely tipped in the industry as the new Jemma Jameson. In addition to being a hot new porn discovery, Sasha is rapidly becoming a hot new Hollywood property. Sasha won the role of ‘Chelsea’ a leading role in Academy ......

#9 The Jackmaster Masturbator - FullFullFullFullempty

Jackmaster MasturbatorThe JackMaster is made by California Exotic, based in Chino California, they have become market leaders in the production of sex toys since 1994. The JackMaster, so the claim goes, was recently voted the number 1 sex toy by the American Pumper’s Association. Every sex toy website will happily tell you this, but who exactly are the American Pumpers Association? A search on Google fails to retrieve any information about them save for the number 1 status they have awarded The JackMaster. There’s an American Concrete Pumpers Association, but ......

#10 Jenna Jameson extreme doll - FullFullFullFullempty

Jenna Jameson extreme dollJenna is one heck of a doll! She is also just about the hottest property in porn. Born in 1974, Jenna, who is often referred to as the Queen of Porn, started her acting career in erotic films in 1993 after having worked as a stripper and glamour model. By 1996, she had won the 'top newcomer' award from each of the three major pornographic film industry organizations. She has since won more than 20 adult film awards, and has been inducted into both the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and Adult Video News (AVN) Halls of Fame. In terms of love dolls, Jenna’s is a top seller ......

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