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#32 Training The Dolphin

Training The Dolphin
Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Lubrication: Recommended
Recommended Lubes:

If you’ve ever been to a big marine park you will have seen the way they train the performing dolphins. They hang tasty morsels at arm’s length from a diving board, and the dolphin leaps up out of the water to get it. Well, your cock won’t leap at you, but this jerk-off technique looks a little like dolphin training.

First you need to lube up the head of your cock, or your entire cock if you prefer.

Next, use the hand you jack off with, and stroke up and down in a loose fist formation.

With the index finger of your other hand tease your cock head by gliding your finger around the head of your cock, covering the whole area of the head and the tip.

Experiment with this because different areas of the cock head stimulate guys in different ways. You could for example focus on the glans of your cock (the underside just below the hole).

NOTE: It takes quite some practice to make each hand do different motions.

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About the Author

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