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#2 Thumbing A Ride

Thumbing A Ride
Level of difficulty: Piece of cake
Lubrication: Optional
Recommended Lubes:

To become a master male masturbator, first you have to learn the basics, and practice hard.

To get you going, here’s a really basic jerking off technique that even your kid brother could master in half an hour. This jacking off technique requires you to use only your thumb and forefinger and it’s as simple as wanking, sorry, winking.

Just place your index finger and thumb around your cock approximately halfway along your shaft and then slowly start moving the skin up and down, up and down until you start to feel the effects of the stimulation. You don’t need a whole lot of lube for this one, but try a small dab of it. There is also a masturbation variation on this technique - put your fingers and thumb on your cock as if you were playing the flute and then massage your cock with your fingers.

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About the Author

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