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#8 The Double Whammy

The Double Whammy
Level of difficulty: Intermediate – Expert
Lubrication: Recommended
Recommended Lubes:

This is by no means the easiest technique you will ever master, but is sure has its rewards. The Double Whammy jerk off technique, so named because you grip your cock with both hands, can be perfected by moving the base of each palm in an alternate up and down fashion.

But that’s not all, and here’s why this grade A wanking technique requires plenty of practice; you must also move the whole interlocked grip up and down at the same time. This means your interlocked fingers act almost like hinges.

Be sure to keep the two thumbs as close together to give maximum jerk off massage relief to the shaft and the helmet as you ride up and down –needs a dab of lube for best effect, but don’t overdo it or you’ll slide off!

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