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#22 Suck It To Me

Suck It To Me
Level of difficulty: Expert Wanker
Lubrication: Required
Recommended Lubes:

This has to be just about the closest you can get to a good blowjob with your hands. This male masturbation technique definitely requires lube. What you are going to do is make your thumb and index finger perform like a pair of cocksucking lips.

It takes time and practice, but what you do is form a pair of lips with your thumb and index finger and keep them stationary as you use your other hand to push your cock through the ‘lips’ simulating a blowjob. The feeling is remarkably akin to lips sucking on your cock.

Another great variation on this is the ‘fluffer’ style blowjob, all wih out the aid of a partner. What you do is take an artist’s brush preferably a Fan Brush or the widest brush you can find. Fill a glass with hot water and dip the brush in the water.

Now you begin to ‘paint’ your cock all over with warm water. The sensation is like having a delicate tongue licking your aching cock. This is a sensational jerk-off technique which is well worth a try. Expertly using your brush you can even create the sensation of the famous Oral Sex Butterfly Lick.

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About the Author

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