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#3 Polishing The Microphone

Polishing The Microphone
Level of difficulty: Easy peasy
Lubrication: Recommended
Recommended Lubes:

For this highly productive guys jerking off technique, imagine you are about to make an important speech, except you are using your using your cock as the microphone. As is customary, you want to give the microphone a little polish before you start speaking. This jacking off technique allows for terrific helmet pleasuring.

You simply grasp your shaft with one hand, and place your open palm over the top of your cock head, ‘polishing’ it a circular motion, allowing the cock to sway with the gentle movement. The gentle friction soon builds to a rousing climax.

Note: never use your cock to make as a microphone to make a public speech, you will look like a right wanker and probably get arrested.

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