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#1 Fistfight

Level of difficulty: It doesn’t get any simpler
Lubrication: Optional
Recommended Lubes:

This is the standard jerk off technique for guys jerking off the world over. It’s even become a universally recognised ‘wanker’ hand sign. If you can’t master this one you getter go back to making daisy chains.

All you have to do to achieve full satisfaction is grip your cock with a loose fist and move your hand up and down the shaft. That’s all there is to it, and it works a treat. This simple jacking off technique creates a steady, rhythmic friction that stimulates the sensitive nerves on the glans – otherwise known as your helmet or knob head.

You can experiment fist fighting with your cock in many different ways, jerking off with your full fist or electing just to use two fingers. The up and down motion can be applied fast or slow depending on your mood, but it normally works best with a spot of water based lube or soap. However do not use bath foam straight from the bottle, it contains chemicals which could give you a nasty dose of dermatitis.

If your cock is uncircumcised, try pumping the skin causing it to slide glidecross the length of your cock and the helmet. Another variation of this jacking off technique is The "Stop-and-Go" method. Use your fist to get to the point where you are close to coming, then stop and start again. Squeezing the penis to cause the erection can also add to the time before you finally shoot.

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