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#44 Banana Spurt

Banana Spurt
Level of difficulty: Professorial
Lubrication: Not Required
Recommended Lubes:

If you like bananas and you love jerking off, you’ll love this guys jerk off technique which we call Banana Spurt. For Banana Spurt you need to equip yourself with a nice big, ripe banana and a sharp knife. You won’t need lube for this particular masturbation technique because the inside of the banana peel provides you with nature’s own natural lubricant.

First, cut off both ends of the banana, and as closely as you can, make the length of the banana about one inch less than the length of your own cock.

Next, instead of peeling the banana in the usual way, you need to slice it right down along the banana peel vertically from top to bottom, creating for yourself a nice banana peel jacket for your cock.

Once you have removed the banana from the peel, and disposed of it (you can eat it if you want!) you need to wrap the empty peel around your cock, matching the shape of your cock to the shape of the banana skin as best as you can. This helps obtain the best results from this jack off technique.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there are as many variations as you can dream up for this male masturbate technique. You could try leaving one end on the banana peel creating a closed sleeve effect, or try cutting the banana peel longer or shorter. You can also forget the peel and just used the natural lubricant of the peel when wanking by hand.

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