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#21 Balling The Jack

Balling The Jack
Level of difficulty: Requires good ball control
Lubrication: Required
Recommended Lubes:

This jack-off technique is something quite different because it focuses on your balls instead of your cock. Try this one at a circle jerk and people might think you have got the wrong end of the stick.

In fact what you are doing with this jerking boy technique is peasuring the base of your cock rather than the head. Just grip the head of your cock with one hand while at the same time stroking the bottom of the shaft with the other.

Each time you pull down on the bals you will feel stimulation to the head as its pulled in the other hand.

Armed with a bit of lube at both end you can get a great rhythm going that pleasures both your balls and your cock at the same time. As you become more accomplished with this jerk off technique you can experiment with squeezing or polishing your cock head to add extra stimulation.

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About the Author

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