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#5 Mastomatic 2 - FullFullFullFullhalf


The Mastomatic 2 is billed as perfect tool for the lazy masturbator. This is linked into the fact that it is battery operated and works hands free. In other words, you don’t have to pump yourself to a rousing orgasm, the machine does the job for you.

Most men agree that a blowjob is one the most toe curling and sensuous of all sex acts, and is always near the top of the list of sexual favours. It’s one of life’s ironies that actually receiving a quality blowjob from a girlfriend or wife is very much a mood driven thing, and a lot of the time, the mood simply isn’t right. Many men go for months if not years without seeing any lip service down below.

One reason why the Mastomatic 2 is the perfect machine for the lazy masturbator is down to the fact that absolutely no effort need be expended in convincing the machine to give you a blowjob. Just slide it over your lubed-up cock and the blowjob is guaranteed. If negotiating for a blowjob with your wife or girlfriend is just too much like hard work, this is definitely the way to go.

Check out some of the customers feedbacks and more details about the Mastomatic 2

For those that know their blowjob machines, they will certainly notice strong visual similarities between the Mastomatic 2 and the Autoblow Blast, although the mouth shaped entry is different on the Mastomatic.

Once happily inserted inside the Mastomatic 2, the controller is switched on and the beads inside the machine ride up and down the full length of the penis. They are easily controlled with the two speed controller.

Of course another way to add to the fun of having a Mastomatic 2, and for those that are even too indolent to insert themselves into the machine, is to get a willing partner to play along too. Have your wife or girlfriend slide the machine on top of your longing cock and she can be the one to increase or decrease the speed at her own choice. This removal of control can also prove to be quite delicious, and you never know, she may decide to give you a blowjob into the bargain.

Easiness of cleaningFullFullFullFullEmpty

For those concerned about discretion, the Mastomatic comes in plain packaging, giving no hint as to the fun to be found inside. The Mastomatic 2 retails from its own website and costs $119.95.

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Customers Opinion/Feedbacks

Adrian B - All my life I’ve been a chronic masturbator, I was so happy when I bought the Mastomatic, now, there is no way I can get tired of masturbating.

John C - Last year my wife left me for some doctor, since then I never dated any girl, this changed after I found the Mastomatic. Now, I’m more confident and even last longer in bed.

Max D - My wife hates giving blowjobs, a strong reason I’m still married to this woman is because I found the Mastomatic. Thanks for saving my marriage.

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About the Author

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