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#4 The mighty Mangasm range of anal sex toys - FullFullFullFullFull



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The Mangasm range focuses on the male g-spot, known as the prostate and the perineum. The prostate is tucked away about two inches inside the anus towards the front. It’s a small walnut shaped gland packed with sensitive nerve endings. When gently and properly stroked it’s like all your Christmases have come at one. The perineum is cluster of nerves located between the anus and the testicles, and is another hot pleasure zone for guys.

The Mangasm line-up of anal weaponry can look scary at first, but when you learn what each toy does the temptation is to try it straightaway.

Mangasm Alpha

Mangasm AlphaThe Mangasm Alpha is really the starter prostate massager in the range and works well for all men. The Mangasm Alpha has several curves designed to place a moderate amount of pressure on the prostate. Like all the Mangasm toys the silicone material used for the toy is a patented formula called Pleasure Grip, which is firm enough to insert easily, yet flexible enough to move with your muscle contractions.

Mangasm Buzz

Mangasm BuzzThis toy is made from silicone and features a 5-mode vibration bullet to add to the sensations. The rippled mold of the Mangasm Buzz together with the pointed edge gives an incredible workout for the prostate as well as the sensitive nerve ending at the entrance to the anus. This toy gets all the pleasure sensors fired up.

Mangasm Rush

Mangasm RushThis tool features a thicker head which can flex 90 degrees in either direction. Because this toy packs a more owerful experience it’s probably more suited to experienced anal sex enthusiasts. Add in the perineum tab which places pressure on the prostate area from the outside, and you have a super pleasurable male sex toy.

Mangasm Edge

Mangasm EdgeThe Mangasm Edge prostate massager supplies an extremely powerful prostate massage, powerful enough to give orgasms without any contact with the penis. The Edge is made from a harder material than the other toys in the range and puts intense pressure on the perineum. The combination of this plus the massage of the prostate can produce some mind blowing orgasms.

Easiness of cleaningFullFullFullFullHalf

Mangasm Spark

Mangasm SparkThis is the toy in the range that closely resembles the popular Bad Boy G-spot massager. It’s longer and thicker than the other Mangasm toys. It has 7 nodules to add to the intensity of the stimulation as well as a built in vibrating motor. The sensation of this prostate toy touching the inside and outside of your prostate at the same time, is sure to set off a male g spot orgasm.

Mangasm Flux

Mangasm FluxAt first site this appears to be just a set of anal beads, but in fact it’s more than that. The Flux provides an altogether gentler prostate massage as the two top balls rest gently upon the prostate. Insertion is comfortable and enjoyable and stimulation of the thousands of nerve cells at the entrance to the anus makes this an extremely fun anal sex toy.

Mangasm Voyager

Mangasm VoyagerThis is another of the big boys in the Mnagasm arsenal. The Voyager is aggressively shaped and about 30% thicker than the edge, so this is an intense experience for sure. The Voyager is designed for guys who like a fuller sensation as they play, so for that reason it’s for the more experienced enthusiast.

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Customers Opinion/Feedbacks

Dino - I bought the whole kit of toys and I must admit that there is nothing better than a good g-spot massage!

Charlie - My girlfriend made me a present for my birthday the Spark model, it's a nice feeling, you just need to take things slow. I can assure you guys that you haven't felt anything like this before.

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About the Author

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