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Extreme fuck me silly
They say size matters, but in reality performance counts for a whole lot more when it comes to getting things right in the bedroom. There are scores of products on the market claiming that they can increase the size of your penis and give you all the stamina you need, but the truth is, many of them fail to deliver ...
The name of this new masturbator may be a little crude, but there’s no question you’ll want to do exactly what it says on the box. This is a very generously sized toy, with over 20lbs of soft, yielding synthetic Fanta Flesh which feels incredibly authentic. When you slap the ass it really sounds and feels like you are slapping a real ass ...

Bad Boy Black
Carmen Luvana's Doggie Style Pussy & Ass
Perhaps the concept of prostate massage and anal sex toys is new to you and you are staring at the Bad Boy Black anal toy wondering where in the world it goes and how it works. Well, the prostate is located about two inches inside your anus to the front, just above the bladder ...
Carmen Luvana has been linked to production company Adam & Eve for most of her 6 year career in the porn business. Born on August 22nd 1981 in Brooklyn New York, Luvana entered the porn business in 1981. She has been involved in some of the biggest porn film productions ...

Aneros Helix
6 Speed Back Door Rotator
The Aneros Helix massages a part of the male anatomy many men are yet to discover. It’s called the male G-spot. To understand how effective this massager can be, you first need to understand a little about the area it is designed to massage. The Male G-spot is the prostate gland ...
This is the perfect toy for butt play beginners. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. Unlike some of the monster butt plugs you might have seen, stouter than an oak tree and reaching for the sky, the Rotator is not scary big, measuring just 4 ¾ by 3in height and 3.5 inches ...

Aria's Cock Pleaser
Blake Riley CyberSkin 7X Vibrating Ass
Aria Giovanni, like so many other porn stars these days, has her own sex toy – but instead of a ubiquitous pussy and ass sex toy, this is an oral toy .The Aria Cock Pleaser, again made by California Exotic, has soft touch rubber, which, when you lube up, insert your cock and switch ...
Blake Riley literally and figuratively has had one of the biggest and fastest rises to fame in the male porn industry. Just three years ago 23 year old Blake Riley was homeless in Texas. Today he has his own signature gay sex toy, ‘Blake Riley Realistic Ass’, and it is indeed realistic ...

Super Head Honcho
Belladonna's Foot Soldiers
The web is awash with male masturbators of every kind. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly introduce another male masturbator, another buch of them is out there, like ants around sugary stuff. Every online sex store has several pages devoted to them, and each store ...
You can just imagine the day Belladonna turned up to help make this particular sex toy. Like every other porn starlet on the block, she probably thought it was her ass and pussy that they were interested in, so she would have spent hours getting herself looking and smelling ...

Men's Pleasure Wand
Vibrating bullet leather cockring
As you may have already discovered, the prostate is one of the best kept sex secrets of the male anatomy. While many men focus solely on the penis as their means of achieving sexual satisfaction, they are in fact missing out on a whole raft of highly powerful sensations by not ...
What’s particularly clever and appealing about this cock ring is that it combines the low tech simplicity and ease of use of leather with studs, coupled with a powerful high tech vibrating bullet. You don’t have to fiddle around to fit it on your cock. You just wrap the leather ...

Inflatable Bondage Chair
Candy Apple Kink Kit
If sex furniture has been missing from your life, then the inflatable bondage chair could be just the answer. It’s the perfect versatile love seat, allowing for a bit of bondage and a whole lot of sexy positions. It comes with Velcro restrainers so that once your lover submits to the ...
The Candy Apple Kink Kit is clearly a game that two people can play, and play in style. The idea is first you restrain the willing victim, who is then blindfolded and given a thorough spanking by an unknown disciplinarian. Well ok, they will probably guess it’s you, but still, you could ...

Lelo Homme Bo
Swedish firm Lelo make some of the world’s most exclusive sex toys for both men and women. The Lelo Bo’s place in sex toy history is already assured as it has marked a new trend in the development of high quality designer sex toys for the discerning gentleman at leisure ...
RealTouch is a dramatically different sex toy for men and a big step forward in sex toy technology. If you ever dreamed of starring in a porn movie, this is the closest you’re likely to get. RealTouch shows hot porn on your computer while you are hooked up to a male masturbator ...

Fangtasmic Toys

Big Mans Pump
Fangtasmic Toys
If you have been looking to grow your own prize marrow or indeed you are already the proud possessor of one, then this is the pump for you. Some men, who are already well endowed, just want to go for the max. Whether you are looking to develop further or just enjoy ...
If ever you stayed up late at night to watch Hammer Horror or other Dracula inspired movies you will know just how voluptuous and irresistible the hand-picked Vampire Brides were. Their low cut flowing gowns and innocent virginal looks were a lethal combination for ...

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