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Blake Riley CyberSkin 7X Vibrating Ass

Blake Riley CyberSkin 7X Vibrating Ass

Material FullFullFullFullFull
Realism FullFullFullFullFull
Easiness of cleaning FullFullFullFullEmpty
Price FullFullFullFullEmpty

Blake Riley literally and figuratively has had one of the biggest and fastest rises to fame in the male porn industry. Just three years ago 23 year old Blake Riley was homeless in Texas. Today he has his own signature gay sex toy, ‘Blake Riley Realistic Ass’, and it is indeed realistic, because it’s a mold taken from Blake’s own bubble butt and lovingly rendered for posterity in CyberSkin.

Blake Riley’s Cyberskin Vibrating Ass provides a life-like penetrating experience giving you sweet release again and again! Its soft real-feel skin is buoyed by a firm muscle-like inner core that’ll have you squeezing those tight buns with every stroke into its puckered cherry rosebud. For additional titillation, it’s embedded with a removable 7 function waterproof bullet that you command with a chrome touch pad controller. An extra long love tunnel is ribbed for perfect friction and open ended for easy cleaning. The doggie style position is even equipped with side handgrips for vigorous pounding sessions.

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There are several gay sex toy butts out there but if you are into collecting toys, this particular one could well become a collector’s item because Blake has recently discovered he is as happy making out with girls as he is with guys. In 2008 Blake won the GayVN Best Newcomer Award and then promptly appeared in Shifting Gears in which he performed with girls and courted controversy by appearing to enjoy the experience perhaps a little too much, upsetting his large gay fan base.

In July 2009, after making a clutch of around 15 movies, Blake retired from the adult entertainment industry altogether and it remains to be seen whether he returns. He has plans to be a chiropractor and has taken up a chiropractic course. So if Blake massages you in all the right places you better grab ‘Blake Riley’s Realistic Ass’ while it’s still hot.The asking price for Blake Riley Vibrating Ass (doesn’t everyone’s ass ultimately have a price?) is $299.99 – quite pricey, but then what price can you put on the perfect piece of ass.

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Customers Opinion/Feedbacks

Harry - I love this toy - It feels soft, like real skin, but firm like muscle. I think it really helped my relationship because I won’t need to cheat my man. Thanks for a great toy.

Rob - The great thing about this toy is that I can use it with my partner. We played all night with this and I must say none of us got tired or bored.

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