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  1. The Autoblow
  2. Fangtasmic Brides
  3. The Fleshlight
  4. Mangasm
  5. Mastomatic 2
  6. Roto Bator
  7. Tenga Flip
  8. Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Vibrating Pussy and Ass
  9. Jackmaster Masturbator
  10. Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll
  1. Fistfight
  2. Thumbing a Ride
  3. Polishing the Microphone
  4. Plasticine Pleasure
  5. The Mashed Potato
  6. Get Shorty
  7. Overhead Bomber
  8. The Double Whammy
  9. Sausages in Their Skins
  10. The Long and The Shorts
  11. Going Up
  12. Going Down
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Landing The Gelicopter
  15. Ironing Out The Creases
  16. Taped Massage
  17. Whats For Dinner
  18. Kneel Armstrong
  19. The Witchs Broomstick
  20. Kentucky Derby
  21. Balling The Jack
  22. Suck It To Me
  23. Cross Handed Cock Rub
  24. The Peppermill
  25. Having Thumb Fun With My Friend
  26. Uncorking A Vintage
  27. Honey I Fucked The Couch
  28. Skinning The Chicken
  29. Grandfather Cock
  30. Waterfall
  31. Cascade
  32. Training The Dolphin
  33. Look Mom No Hands
  34. Deep Lagoon Crotch Dive
  35. Invisible Woman
  36. The Bed Burrower
  37. Crystal Balls
  38. Frosty Balls
  39. Cock Slide
  40. Stamina Builder
  41. Under The Wire
  42. Happy Frog
  43. The Sewing Machine
  44. Banana Spurt
  1. Lovido
  2. Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator
  3. Bad Boy Black
  4. Carmen Luvana's Doggie Style Pussy & Ass
  5. Aneros Helix
  6. 6 Speed Back Door Rotator
  7. Aria Cock Pleaser
  8. Blake Riley CyberSkin 7x Vibrating Ass
  9. Super Head Honcho
  10. Belladonna Foot Soldiers
  11. Men's Pleasure Wand
  12. Vibrating Bullet Leather Cockring
  13. Inflatable Bondage Chair
  14. Candy Apple Kink Kit
  15. Lelo Homme Bo
  16. Realtouch
  17. Big Man's Pump

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  1. The Autoblow Pico
  2. The Autoblow Blast
  3. The Autoblow Max
  4. Original Fleshlight
  5. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
  6. Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Touch
  7. Fleshlight Pink Mouth Vortex
  8. Fleshlight Pink Lady Super Ribbed
  9. Mangasm Alpha
  10. Mangasm Buzz
  11. Mangasm Rush
  12. Mangasm Edge
  13. Mangasm Spark
  14. Mangasm Flux
  15. Mangasm Voyager
  16. ID Glide Lube 28oz
  17. ID Glide Lube 95oz
  1. Privates on parade - how to jerk off in public and not get arrested
  2. Winning the war on wank - a Presidential Commission in to jerking off
  3. Terms of enjoyment - an innocent lad lands himself his cream job - Jerking Men Off
  4. Guys Jerking Off all the way to the bank
  5. Stephenson's Spermatic Truss - the patented perils of boys jerking off
  6. Are all jerk off pics the same?
  7. The jerk off instruction manual myth
  8. What better pastime than wanking
  9. Sorry, I'm jacking off
  10. When was your last great circle jerk
  11. How jerking men off can help beat depression
  12. Think of all the gorgeous guys jacking off right now
  13. Discover men wanking
  14. An evolution in jacking off video
  15. The boys wanking tour is waiting to take you away
  16. Is it time for sex toys?
  17. Using toys for sex?
  18. Ride to the limit with cheap sex toys?
  19. Have you ever considered becoming a male sex toy?
  20. Sex toys online for convenience and shyness
  21. The little sex toy shop on the corner
  22. Face it, sextoys are fun
  23. A masturbator in everyone of us
  24. Sexy toys make the perfect gifts
  25. Guys buy sex toys
  26. Masturbation - Getting the Most out of Each Climax Trip
  27. Wouldn't you rather be masturbating?
  28. Masterbation is not only fun but can be funny too
  29. Masturbate for peace of mind
  30. More masturbation stories
  31. Hidden Masturbation is never a secret
  32. Describe your best masturbation moment
  33. Advanced masturbation 401
  34. To busy to jack off?!
  35. The legend of Simon, the jackoff king
  36. Watch a male masturbate and dream
  37. Talking frankly about masturbation
  38. A chance meeting in the adult store
  39. A penis pump to the rescue
  40. Nothing can stop boys masturbating
  41. What is all the fuss about a boy masterbating?
  42. Why do guys jerk off all the time?
  43. Boys masturbate in the strangest places
  44. Hot masturbation: see your Navy recruiter
  45. Surprise: boys jacking off here
  46. Male Masturbator - It just keeps getting bigger
  47. Men Sex Toy - Racing to market maturity
  48. Sex Toy for Men - A whole new vibe
  49. Masturbation Machines: And the best
  50. Best Male Masturbator - Great moments in male masturbation
  51. Male Fucking Machines - Different strokes
  52. Male Sex Machine - USA vs Japan
  53. Why prostate milking massage is starting to attract a lot of attention
  54. The perfect prostate stimulation technique
  55. Locating the male g-spot
  56. Prostate milking for health and sexual satisfaction
  57. Getting the most from prostate massage techniques
  58. Finding the right prostate massage video
  59. Why more and more guys buy male sex toys
  60. Which is the best male sex toy?
  61. Where do you go to buy male masturbators?
  62. Find your best friend in a artificial vagina
  63. Find yourself trembling with Autoblow
  64. Get down and dirty with blowjob machine
  65. Finding ways of satisfaction with a blow job sex toy
  66. Be proud of your purchase with blow job simulator
  67. Reinvent your sex life with the blow job toy
  68. Define your sexuality with the new fake vaginas
  69. You will get more satisfaction from a male masturbation toy
  70. Feel the boost in male masturbators
  71. Make masturbation for men more fun
  72. Realistic Vaginas are the real toys for men
  73. Comfort and confidence with a sex toy for boy
  74. More fun and pleasure from a sex toy for guy
  75. Get more confidence with male vibrators
  76. It is time to invest in yourself with prostate massagers
  77. Be an animal in bed by practicing with the fleshlight
  78. Take control with the Fleshlight
  79. Find the best men sex toy for you
  80. Sex Toys For Men - The male sex toy market
  81. Realistic Pussy - Top Selling Realistic Pussies
  82. Realistic Vagina - A shortcut to choosing your realistic vagina
  83. Artificial Vaginas - The best selling artificial vagina of them all?
  84. RoboSuck - You can't win them all?
  85. RoboSuck 2 - The hype versus the gripe
  86. Masturbation toys that are making a difference in the masturbation toy industry
  87. Why fake vagina is becoming a real alternative
  88. Hot blowing blowjob machines
  89. Why every man needs a blowjobmachine
  90. Men sex toys that have found a new route to pleasure
  91. The toys for men that are leaders of the pack
  92. The Male vibrator gives sex toys an extra buzz
  93. What is the future of male sex toys?
  94. Men's sex toys that blow you away
  95. Today, the art of jerking is so much easier than it used to be
  96. The image of men jacking off undergoes a major transformation
  97. Men without sex partners, masterbate using new toys and techniques
  98. Jackin is actually good for your health - among other things
  99. New male masturbation techniques find the perfect partners in sex toys for men
  100. A male masturbating can enjoy many health and sexual benefits
  101. Male masturbation greatly enhanced by sex toys for men
  102. Men explore new masturbation techniques and expressions of sexuality
  103. With free male masturbation, masturbating isn't what it used to be
  104. The global sex toy industry is revolutionizing men masterbation
  105. Thanks to sex toys and the Web, there's more ways how to jerk off
  106. The future of masturbation has arrived - jerk off machines are here
  107. Choosing Anal Toys
  108. What to look for in anal sex toys
  109. Prostate Massager top 5
  110. Top priced Prostate Stimulators
  111. Think about your sister: an alternative view on how to Stop Masturbating
  112. What's new in the world of the adult anal sex toy?
  113. Adult anal sex toys as art
  114. So much fun from one adult anal toy
  115. Should a practicing Christian enjoy adult anal sex toys?
  116. The anal butt plug, one of the most fulfilling sex toys you can buy
  117. The most talked about anal sex toy of them all
  118. All sort of guys are discovering anal toys for men
  119. The curious case of the anal vibrator bomber
  120. Anal Sex Toys - Anal sex toys do's and don'ts
  121. The West catches up with the ancient methods of the prostate stimulator
  122. Finding the male G-spot
  123. The powerful pleasure and health benefits of male g-spot massage
  124. The incredible sexual sensation of milking the prostate
  125. How to enjoy a prostate massage
  126. Why buy male masturbator?
  127. How to buy sex toys for men
  128. Is the realistic pussy and ass the best sex toy for men?
  129. Seeking out the best male sex toys
  130. Find variety in home satisfaction with sex toys for guy
  131. Better satisfaction from sex toys men
  132. Start getting acquainted with the autoblow
  133. Blowjob toy? – The Autoblow Review
  134. The toy that is probably better than the real thing, find out in Autoblow Reviews
  135. Lady Original will give you the best fleshlight
  136. Get the newest blow job sex toys on the market
  137. Have the best blow job with your life with the help of blow job toys
  138. Buy fleshlight and get better at sex
  139. Satisfied clients recommend this toy, in fleshlight review
  140. Check out the new uplifting fleshlight reviews
  141. The new fleshlight sex toy, a training device
  142. The way to have sex with better fleshlight testing
  143. A great companion that you can hide in your pocket, the fleshlight toy
  144. The most fun best sex toys for men
  145. Get the best blow jobs when using the Blowjob Machines
  146. Most of us can make Male Masturbation a better experience
  147. Be the best that sex with the help of Male Masturbators
  148. Melt your troubles away with the help of Male Sex Toys
  149. Having fun with Male Toys, the best way to chill!
  150. The most relevant Sex Toys for Men
  151. The Autoblow does not negotiate, it just does it
  152. Anal Male Sex Toys Maximizing Male Pleasure
  153. Anal Men Sex Toys for Straight Men
  154. Exploring Anal Mens Sex Toys
  155. Exploring the Options Anal Sex Toys for Men
  156. Myths About Blowjob Machines
  157. Realistic Male Masturbators
  158. Realistic Vaginas and More Awesome Sex Toys
  159. Rubber Vagina Toy Have Their Advantages
  160. Taking Pocket Pussys To The Next Level
  161. The Next Generation Pocket Pussy
  162. An Artificial Pussy Toy Thats Worth the Price
  163. Artificial Vagina Toys How Real are They
  164. Fake Pussy Toys and More
  165. Have You Ever Tried a Rubber Pussy
  166. A better rubber vagina
  167. A bevy of realistic vaginas
  168. About the fleshlight sex toy
  169. A pocket pussy for blowjob fans
  170. Better masturbation experiences with realistic vaginas
  171. Buy fleshlight and have a ball
  172. Buy fleshlight get the best
  173. Buy fleshlight great but which one
  174. Can a fake pussy be better than a real one
  175. Cheap fleshlight can cheapen your sex life
  176. Cheap fleshlight no such thing
  177. Fake pussy wannabes
  178. Fleshlight demo how do you use one
  179. Fleshlight girls
  180. Fleshlight sex toy options
  181. Great pocket pussys
  182. How pocket pussys are made
  183. How to buy an artificial vagina
  184. Is your sex life only worth a cheap fleshlight
  185. New pocket pussy toys
  186. Our rubber vagina checklist
  187. Pipedreams masterpieces of fake pussy
  188. Pocket pussy perfection
  189. Porn star rubber pussy review
  190. Realistic Vaginas from outer space
  191. the best artificial vagina you can buy
  192. the best fleshlight
  193. the best fleshlight sex toy
  194. try pocket pussys
  195. ultimate artificial pussy
  196. want an artificial vagina that does more
  197. what exactly is a rubber pussy
  198. what is new in artificial pussy
  199. which fleshlight is right for you
  200. A guide to using a male g spot sex toy
  201. A Prostate Toy Can Change Your Life
  202. Do You Have a Prostate Massager in Your Closet
  203. Exploring male sexuality the Prostate Massager
  204. Exploring new territory male g spot sex toy
  205. How to use a Prostate Stimulator
  206. Learn something new about sex prostate toy
  207. Properly using prostate massagers
  208. Prostate massagers reaping the benefits
  209. Prostate stimulator overview the mangasm models
  210. Prostate toy discovering the male g spot
  211. Prostate toys achieve the ultimate orgasm
  212. Prostate toys for health
  213. Step by step using a male g spot sex toy
  214. Stimulating the prostate with a male anal toy
  215. Top male anal toy options
  216. Using prostate massagers
  217. What is a prostate massage toy
  218. What is a prostate stimulator and how does it work
  219. What's your favorite male anal toy
  220. What you should know about a prostate massager
  221. An Anal Toy Can Improve Your Orgasms
  222. Enhance Your Sexual Satisfaction With An Anal Toy
  223. Enjoy Anal Toy Play for Increased Sexual Excitement
  224. Stimulating Your G-Spot With a Prostate Stimulator
  225. The Ultimate Orgasm With Realistic Anal Sex Toys for Men
  226. Your First Prostate Massage What to Expect
  227. Artificial pussy toys the best way to get off
  228. Male Toys for Maximum Pleasure
  229. Prostate massager what it can do for your sex life
  230. Prostate stimulator better than the average toy
  231. Adult sex shops the only place to buy adult toys
  232. Adult superstore and fantasy world of sex
  233. Advantages and disadvantages of buying anal sex toys online
  234. Anal sex toy today's anal sex toy has changed
  235. Analysis about adult sex shop services and great pubic demanding
  236. Butt plug is it still a toy
  237. Couples sex toys the glue that hold couples together
  238. Enhance your life with sex toys for couples
  239. Good vs bad pocket pussys
  240. Say hello with an anal sex toy
  241. The inflatable butt plug you only need one
  242. What really is a pocket pussy
  243. A fleshlight demo shows you how flesh like a fleshlight really is
  244. A fleshlight in every home
  245. Artificial vagina for all men
  246. Benefits of using anal sex toys
  247. Benefits of using a prostate massage toy
  248. Best rubber pussy
  249. Beware of cheap fleshlight fakes
  250. Discover new pleasure with an anal toy
  251. Don't be scared men anal toys are safe
  252. Enhance your sex life with an artificial pussy toy
  253. Enhance your sexual power with an adult anal sex toy
  254. Every man needs an artificial pussy
  255. Fleshlight for fun
  256. Fleshlight shines on
  257. Fleshlight STU training to become a marathon sex athlete
  258. For men anal toys are the key to new pleasures
  259. Have a better sex life using prostate toy
  260. Healthy sex with anal toys
  261. How anal sex toys for men benefit performance
  262. How to buy a male G-spot stimulator
  263. Improve your love juice with anal sex toys
  264. Male toys for your enjoyment
  265. Male toys the ultimate pleasure
  266. Pocket pussy vs fake vagina
  267. Prostate massage toy vs other anal toys
  268. Prostate toys and emotional balance
  269. Realistic vaginas better than you think
  270. Realistic vaginas pick your pleasure
  271. Rubber pussy for masturbation
  272. Sex for men anal toys
  273. Sex toy for men options
  274. Sex toy for men who want more
  275. Sex toys for men bridging the gap
  276. Sex toys for men evening the score
  277. Sex toys for men the basics
  278. The male G-spot sex toy for every man
  279. The many types of male toys
  280. The most advanced male toys
  281. The most thrilling artificial pussy toys
  282. The ultimate sex toy for men
  283. Too many fake vagina options
  284. Use a male anal toy for better sexual health
  285. Virgin pussy better than an artificial vagina
  286. When should men begin using prostate toys
  287. Why try the fleshlight brand of realistic vaginas
  1. Passion
  2. Anger
  3. Deceit
  4. Laziness
  5. Lust
  6. Nostalgia
  7. Jealousy
  8. Revenge
  9. Romance
  10. Separation
  11. Still smoking after all these years

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About the Author

Hi, I'm Joseph O'Connor. I am a twenty-six year old man from Texas, USA. I fell into writing about sex toys when I was looking for a way to both try new things and explore my body... Things progressed rapidly. It turns out there aren't many (straight) men that can talk about sex the way I do without getting downright ridiculous. I'm always reading more/learning about the human body and sexual response and always looking for ways to improve my sex life (and that of those I come in contact with).

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