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Did you go down on Woods today?

Tiger WoodsYou can bet that the world’s no 1 golfer Tiger Woods is not exactly having a peaceful time of it right now.

His wife Elin Nordegren is trying to reconcile with the golfer but just can’t seem to get over the fact that a porn star was on her husband’s liaison menu.

“You slept with a porn star!!” are the cutting words she has “hurled” at Tiger many times as they try to repair their marriage. A source close to the spurned wife says the infidelities with porn stars are “the most difficult thing for Elin to reconcile with.”

According to the source, “She doesn’t understand why he would do it. She thinks it’s sick. Elin doesn’t even know the woman’s name and doesn’t want to. All she knows is that she was told Tiger slept with a porn star and she said it made her want to throw up.”

But it gets worse. Elin apparently believes Woods had sex with only one adult performer, not the two he is alleged to have slept with. In total, he reportedly had affairs of varying lengths and degrees with 14 women outside his marriage.

The two porn stars are Holly Sampson and Joslyn James, the latter of whom recently claimed that she was impregnated not once but twice by the greatest golfer in the world. Sampson, 36, began by doing several hardcore adult films in 1998 under the single-name aliases "Nicolette" and "Zoe," but quickly left this side of the industry to perform in softcore films instead.

Joslyn James is a 32 year old American hardcore porn starlet who in 2009 made a porn movie entitled’ Mama f***ed a black man’. Well, that’s telling it like it is!

Former Playboy model Loredana Jolie also is also among Wood’s alleged mistresses, but Playboy, as everyone knows, does not do porn and bunnies are not porn stars.

Meanwhile, Woods himself has been accused of dismissing the feelings of his ex-porn star mistresses by not apologizing to James by name in his memorable press conference in February.

James’ attorney, Gloria Allred, said in a subsequent press conference that Woods needs "lying rehab" and "betrayal rehab" in addition to the sex addiction therapy he has been undergoing.

However, any further rehab sessions may have to wait. Woods announced on Tuesday that he will compete in the Masters next month. It’s hardly surprising. Right now Tiger would probably want to do anything just to get out of the house!

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About the Author

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