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Gay Porn Actor Dustin Michaels dies from suffocation

Dustin MichaelsA simple early morning disturbance call ended with the death of a gay-porn actor, and it was all captured on video.

Deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Department in Florida arrived at the Executive Inn to find Andrew Grande, (known professionally as Dustin Michaels), 23, allegedly got into a fight with a female friend.

Police attempted to handcuff Grande, who had reportedly swallowed a bag of marijuana. When he resisted, police Tasered him.

A camera crew from Zoo Productions was at the scene and captured the moments before the incident, as well as after.

Once he was struck by the powerful electrical jolt, Grande yanked the wires from his chest but showed signs of choking. Police tried to help, with one performing the Heimlich manoeuvre. Every effort by police to remove the object from Grande’s throat failed. Paramedics later arrived and removed the bag, but it was too late.

Grande was pronounced dead at Bay County Medical Center.

“It’s a tragic situation for our officers” said Sherriff Frank McKeithen “and a tragic situation for this young man and his family.”

However, he said, it never would have happened had Grande co-operated with police.

“If he’d allowed them to handcuff him, it would have been over,” the sheriff said. “This would not have happened.”

Meanwhile, Grande’s distraught father Michael T. Grande Jr., said he wants people to remember his son for things other than how he died. Watching the TV footage of his son choking to death is almost too much to bear, he said.

“That’s a terrible thing to watch. It just kills me, but I had to see it,” Grande told The News Herald in a phone interview from New Jersey. “I’m just so crushed inside about it.”

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