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Male Masturbation Techniques

No cucumber was hurt during the photo session!!!

Most of the techniques can be performed using these toys:

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1. Fistfight

This is the standard jerk off technique for guys jerking off the world over. It’s even become a universally recognised ‘wanker’ hand sign. If you can’t master this one you getter go back to making daisy chains...

6. Get Shorty

We call this jack off technique ‘Get Shorty’ cos you can use your favorite fisting technique, but let the opening of your shorts act as an additional stimulant to the base of your cock as you...

2. Thumbing A Ride/Playing The Flute

To become a master male masturbator, first you have to learn the basics, and practice hard. To get you going, here’s a really basic jerking off technique that even your kid brother could...

7. Overhead Bomber

We call this great jack off technique the Overhead Bomber because you have to go right over the head of your cock and grip it front-side instead of grabbing it in the usual way. No mistake...

3. Polishing The Microphone

For this highly productive guys jerking off technique, imagine you are about to make an important speech, except you are using your using your cock as the microphone. As is customary, you want...

8. The Double Whammy

This is by no means the easiest technique you will ever master, but is sure has its rewards. The Double Whammy jerk off technique, so named because you grip your cock with both hands...

4. Plasticine Pleasure

This jack off technique is called Plasticine Pleasure cos it’s a bit like the fun you had rolling lumps of plasticine when you were a kid. All you do is place your cock between both hands and rub...

9. Sausages In Their Skins

It’s strange but sometimes the more complex the guys jerking off technique, the simpler the instructions. This jack off technique is not tough to master in theory, but hard to do well...

5. The Mashed Potato

For Mashed Potato you need to be feeling well and truly turned on. It’s particularly effective if you haven’t jerked off in a couple of days because it prolongs the pleasure and the climax...

10. The Long And The Shorts

This one’s a jerk-off technique where you don’t need to get naked. Keep your erect cock in your shorts and rub it with your knuckle through the fabric of some soft boxer shorts or your...

11. Going Up
12. Going Down
13. Double Trouble
14. Landing The Helicopter
15. Ironing Out The Creases
16. Taped Massage
17. What’s For Dinner?
18. Kneel Armstrong
19. The Witch’s Broomstick
20. Kentucky Derby
21. Balling The Jack
22. Suck It To Me
23. Cross Handed Cock Rub
24. The Peppermill
25. Having Thumb Fun With My Friend
26. Uncorking A Vintage
27. Honey, I Fucked The Couch
28. Skinning The Chicken
29. Grandfather Cock
30. Waterfall
31. Cascade
32. Training The Dolphin
33. Look Mom, No Hands!
34. Deep Lagoon Crotch Dive
35. Invisible Woman
36. The Bed Burrower
37. Crystal Balls
38. Frosty Balls
39. Cock Slide
40. Stamina Builder
41. Under The Wire
42. Happy Frog
43. The Sewing Machine
44. Banana Spurt

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