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Bad Boy Black

Bad Boy Black

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Perhaps the concept of prostate massage and anal sex toys is new to you and you are staring at the Bad Boy Black anal toy wondering where in the world it goes and how it works. Well, the prostate is located about two inches inside your anus to the front, just above the bladder. It’s a walnut sized gland that helps in the production of seminal fluid. It’s known as the male G-spot, and as many guys are discovering, the orgasm attained from massaging the prostate can be more intense and longer lasting than any penile orgasm.

To massage this highly nerve rich gland is to experience incredible sexual thrills that can come in waves throughout your entire body. If you add to that the pleasure of massaging the perineum, the dime sized cluster of nerves located between the testicles and the anus, the thrill is even more amazing. No guy forgets his first ever prostate sex massage.

There are various ways to attempt a prostate massage, but the most effective is with a specially designed prostate massager.

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The Bad Boy Black perineum and prostate massager is for guys who have been round the block a few times as far as anal sex play is concerned. Inspired by the design of the now famous Rude Boy, the difference with the Bad Boy Black prostate massager is that it’s bigger and badder.

The contours are meatier to provide a much more fulfilling sensation. It’s made with medical grade silicone and is designed to be soft and flexible in use, but the Bad Boy Black with its chunky curves would probably be a little too challenging for a first time user. Like all anal sex toys it has to be used with plenty of water based lube. As if its sheer muscular dimensions are not enough of a thrill, this anal sex toy also comes with a battery powered bullet to provide powerful vibratory sensations that will pulsate between the prostate and the perineum creating incredible sensations.

Additional Info

The best selling prostate massagers are the Aneros Helix and the Rude Boy or Naughty Boy. This type of prostate massager massages the prostate and the perineum at the same time. The Aneros Helix is designed for the beginner, perhaps not used to trying an anal sex toy. Its curves are specially designed to reach and massage the prostate quickly and effectively, while the P-tab gently nudges up against the perineum, located between the anus and the testicles.

The Rude Boy is fatter in size and also has a vibrator, so not only is the pressure against the prostate more intense, but this prostate massager fills the anal cavity more and is probably best suited to someone who has already experienced other anal sex toys.

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Customers Opinion/Feedbacks

Tony - I’m still in search of that ultimate sex toy, but the Bad Boy Black prostate stimulator is my favourite so far.

Ray - I can consider myself pretty experienced with prostate massagers as I already own the Bad Boy Black. I have achieved great results with it and have no problem. Thanks for a great toy!

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About the Author

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