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Masturbation Safety - Mutual Masturbation Safety

In a world where several STD’s and HIV infection are perfectly capable of being passed on and then proliferating without you even being aware that there is a problem, mutual masturbation is unquestionably the preferred sex act of the health conscious.

Mutual masturbation is a great option if you are unsure of your partner’s HIV or STD status. It’s also common, even sensible as a precaution if you’re on a first date or still in that transitional period in which you are dating someone you’re not entirely sure about. Mutual masturbation ensures a good time can be had by both of you without any lingering fear of any infection.

Mutual masturbation is an extremely versatile game for two to play. It can be enjoyed sitting, standing, lying down in bed, or with one of you sitting and one standing, with one kneeling and the other standing. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative. You can also rub yourself against each other while jerking each other off. You can stare into each other’s eyes, and of course, at each other’s genitals. This also presents a great opportunity to explore good quality lubes to enhance the experience and derive maximum pleasure.

It’s important however to be aware that mutual masturbation does lead to tremendous temptation to move on to the next step and have full intercourse. So in the case of consenting heterosexual sex, you must make up your mind before the session begins that this is not going to happen unless you know you feel totally comfortable about the situation.

Mutual masturbation is perfectly safe provided you don't come into contact with blood or semen from anyone else’s, apart from your own, and you don't touch anyone else's sexual parts. If you want the risk of STDs to remain zero, you have to avoid sharing sex toys or towels that may have fresh fluids on them.

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Other Masturbation Safety Tips

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